London Dowsers Dates For 2018

Subscriptions for 2018 are £16.00 single, £30.00 couples & visitors £6.00 per visit.
Following meetings are held at either,
Coborn Arms Coborn Road; Mile End London E3. 11.00am to 11.15 start
All meetings 10.30 am for 10.45 start. Venue to be advised as either of these venues...
Meet at pub called ‘ One Kew Road ’ opposite Richmond station Meetings start at 10.30 am

NEW Dates for London and Thameside Dowsers (2018)

Mile End(Saturdays)
Coborn Arms,
Coborn Road, Mile End
London E3 2DA
(11 am for 11.15 start)
Richmond (Sundays)
One Kew Road
Richmond, TW9 1ND.
(across the road from the train station)
(10.30 for 10.45 start)
Sat Jan 27th
Lorraine Houton on
“Numberology and Colour”
Sun. Feb 18th
Graham Greene on
“The Natural health service and the breathing drum.”
Sat. Mar 24th
Richard Nissen on “Universal information field”
Sun. April 29th
Helen Ford on “Aura.”
Sat. May 12th
Irene Barbari on “Cranio-sacral Massage Therapy.”
Sun. June 24th

Keith Harmon on “Practical Health Dowsing”
Sat. July 14th River trip to Greenwich
River trip to Greenwich ( from Charing Cross Pier)

Sat. Sept 29th
Meet Crossbones (near London Bridge) for Events + lunch Borough Mkt br />
Sun. Oct 28th

Jacqueline Moore on Looking at the quality of your food and problems under the sink, an experiential morning, bring pendulums/rods. Do bring small snippet of hair or photo of someone you wish to help.  
Sat. Nov 17th
Sue Skinner “Dowsing Energies-an exploration ” bring rods and pendulums
Sun. Dec 2nd

“Meet, greet and eat!”

2018 THEME for Richmond Group is the work of Colin Bloy on “The healing power of thought.” “Individual thoughts affect group consciousness. Never underestimate the power of thought to change the world”. (Colin worked on the fountain in Brighton where mods + rockers raged) This leads towards work by Dr Emoto on water quality and work by Chris Street on Leys in London.

** Summer Meet-ups = informal gatherings to visit sites in central London,
(Ideas please to ..... Is there a site you would like to explore ?) **

  • To Be Announced ( TBA )