2022 London & Thameside Dowsers

Subscriptions for 2022 are £16.00 single, £30.00 couples & visitors £6.00 per visit.
We meet at alternative venues

MILE END (Saturdays)

Coborn Arms,
Coborn Road, Mile End
London E3 2DA
(11.00am for 11.15am Start)
RICHMOND (Sundays)

1 Kew Road, Richmond
(Opposite train station)
(11.00 am Start)

Sat 29th. Jan
PLEASE NOTE our speaker Andy Burnham has tested positive for latest epidemic going around and is unable to be with us this Saturday. The meeting is still on.
Sun 27th. February
Charlie Kennedy.
A conversation about souls, What is a soul? What are past lives. Charlie (female) is an astrologer and clearance practitioner.
Sat. 26th. March
Lorraine Houton. Tuning in to your Inner Satnav, bring paper and pencil.
Sun 24th. April
Vicky Sweetlove.
A demonstration of healthy home surveys to include the chakras of the home and geopathic stress.
Sat. 28th. May
Author Iain Sinclair and his London books
Sun 26th. June
Meeting Cancelled.
Next Meeting 23rd July at Mile End.
Sat. 23rd. July
Chris Phillips will be explaining Flower essences and remedies.
No Meetings

Sun. 11th. Sept

Sat. 24th. Sept
The remarkable Mick Spicer
Sun. 30th. Oct


Sat. 26th. Nov
Andy Burnham on megaliths near and far
Sun. 11th. December
Meet greet and eat, plus plans for 2023.

Yearly membership £16.00 single £30 couple. Send Cheques made out to London and Thameside Dowsers, post to Mr. A. David. 2, Odsey Meadows. Baldock Rd; Odsey. SG7 6SD.

** Summer Meet-ups = informal gatherings to visit sites in central London,
(Ideas please to jbaker864@btinternet.com ..... Is there a site you would like to explore ?) **

  • To Be Announced ( TBA )