London & Thameside Dowsers Contacts

Contact Mile End

Chairman John Baker Tel: 01322 525975
Secretary Vicky Sweetlove Tel: 01279 654129
Mobile: 07885 945 008
Treasurer Judith Rose Tel: 0208 969 0810

Contact Richmond

Co-ordinator Sandy Lawrence Tel: 0208 898 7898
Treasurer Judith Rose Tel: 0208 969 0810

Useful Websites

John Baker - Professional Water Dowser
Telephone: 01322 525975
Website -

Vicky Sweetlove — Professional Dowser, Geopathis stress, Water and Space Clearer of detrimental energies in the home and office.

Telephone: 01279 654129
Mobile and texts: 07885945008
Website: -

John Pugh — Professional Dowser. John will remotely dowse for which Essences will help rebalance you. Also available Consciousness Essences Therapy and Proportion Essences Therapy.
John is a Vibrational and Flower Essence Practitioner and is also an Essence Producer with his own wide range of Vibrational and Flower Essences.

Telephone: 01621 859749
Mobile and texts: 0775905801