A number of site dowsing trips take place each year. They are enjoyable in themselves & add to the interest & fascination of this Intriguing subject.

We visit some unusual sites & meet friendly people along the way. So why not join us?

Past Talks May 2019 at Mile End Dr. John Leach ‘Expedition Dowsing’ His trip to Mongolia was with S.E.S. an operation run by Col. John Blashford Snell. This group go to outlandish and often pretty scary parts of the World. John Baker did some map dowsing work for them a few years ago on an expedition to Bolivia. The reason we invited Dr John Leach - and it’s a pity if you missed this - was because he takes dowsing into the higher circles of the military in places it is not used. On the practical side he is a qualified military survival instructor in desert, jungle, arctic, polar, temperate, sea, conduct-after-capture and hostage survival” , a qualified military and saturation, mixed-gas diver and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. “ RESEARCH: “My primary research interest is in the psychology of human survival. Secondary research interests include the psychoneurological aspects of adaptation to extreme environments, and the role of psychology in SERE training.” Dr. John Leach has worked with special services in the U.K military. Also been an instructor for survival techniques in jungle, desert and water situations, very much a Boy’s Own operator. He showed us pictures of American soldiers in Viet Nam dowsing for underground tunnels. So, in many ways he is a pathfinder for dowsing. After our talk to us, he was off to America to work with U.S. marines. He has a set of travelling dowsing rods which go everywhere with him. J.B hopes he will keep in touch.